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Celebrate 211 Day on February 11!



Each February, organizations around the country celebrate the 211 service. The FCC approved the 211 dialing code in 1997 to provide easy access to health and human services programs. Today, the 211 service is available in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and Canada. A variety of organizations operate the 211 service; half are either United Ways or have affiliations with United Ways. In 2021, 211s across the county handled over 21 million contacts for help. Most 211s also assist during times of emergency, which became very apparent during the pandemic and weather-related disasters like hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes, and wildfires.

NJ 211 is a statewide, nationally accredited nonprofit organization that provides the 211 service to the residents of NJ. Services began thanks to the support and efforts from the United Ways of NJ in 2002. Shortly after, the NJ Department of Human Services provided additional support to enable after-hours and weekend 211 service availability. Several other state departments, including the Department of Community Affairs, Children and Families, Health, and Office of Emergency Management, have joined to support this vital service.

The NJ 211 team works around the clock to ensure that help is available when needed most! Special thanks to all 211 staff who, without them, the 211 services would not exist. A sincere thanks to all those who support 211 so that we can bring help and hope to many!

211 Day Cape


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