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Keeping Children Safe

Protecting Sleeping Infants

The safest place for an infant to sleep is in a crib or a bassinet. For your child's safety be sure to keep sleep surfaces free of soft, cushioned surfaces that have been found to suffocate infants. That means that there should be nothing in the crib beside your baby...no blankets, stuffed animals, pillows, bumpers, etc., and a baby should always lay on their back. Ensure your baby has a safe and restful night.

Child Car Seat Safety

Child in Car Seat

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there is a 72.6% combined rate of misuse of car seats and booster seats. Contributing factors include:  

  • Improper recline 
  • Loose car seat installation
  • Improper lap belt position 

Misusing car seats can reduce the effectiveness of the seat in the event of the crash and lead to injury or death. Learn how to properly choose and install a car seat.

Learn about New Jersey's Child Passenger Safety Laws.

The NJ Department of the Attorney General has extensive resources on Child Passenger Safety information. Find additional information in the Car Seat Recommendations for Children brochure

Visit the Union County Child Safety Seat Inspection Center to ensure your child’s car seat is installed correctly. They conduct safety checks at their Garwood location. 

NJ Programs that Strengthen Families and Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect

Home Visitation Programs exist throughout New Jersey to improve the physical and emotional well-being of children and their families by providing community-based education and in-home support to parents. This program also supports pregnant women.

Learn more about this program by reading its FAQs or by calling 609-888-7393.

Find programs in your county. 

Reporting Child Abuse

Child Abuse is Unacceptable - If you suspect abuse, dial 877-652-2873, day or night. If a child is in immediate danger, call 9-1-1.

The Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCP&P) is New Jersey's child protection and child welfare agency. Its mission is to ensure the safety, permanency, and well-being of children and to support families. Each year, DCP&P contracts with many community-based agencies throughout the state to provide services to children and families. Such services include counseling, parenting skills classes, substance abuse treatment, in-home services, foster care and residential placement.

DCP&P is also responsible for investigating allegations of child abuse and neglect and, if necessary, arranging for the child's protection and the family's treatment. The Child Abuse Hotline receives all reports of child abuse and neglect 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Any person having reasonable cause to believe that a child has been subjected to abuse or acts of abuse should report this by calling the Hotline at 1-877-652-2873. A concerned caller does not need proof to report an allegation of child abuse and can make the report anonymously.

Find your local DCP&P office.

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