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Local Housing Assistance Programs

Housing assistance programs are closely tied to funding dollars that are often in a state of flux. Programs are active until the funding source for these programs is lost or consumed. When funding is lost, programs may close until new funding becomes available. Professionals working with people in need understand how desperate the need for housing is, but their efforts to help are limited by the reality of finite resources. As new resources become available this page will be updated. If you know of a local housing program that has not been included please send information about the resource to so that we may share it with our web visitors and those who call 2-1-1 looking for help.

Bergen County

Bergen County's United Way has a very active housing support initiative dedicated to working with community partners to build affordable housing for working families, veterans, older adults and, individuals with developmental disabilities.   

The Compassion Fund is the largest source of direct financial assistance for people struggling to make ends meet in the Bergen County community. Direct service includes help paying a utility bill to prevent a shut-off, a rent payment to prevent eviction, and other housing emergency.  Relief funds are also available for those affected by natural disasters

Burlington County

The Burlington County Housing Hub is a part of Human Services that specifically provides housing advocacy and support services to Burlington County residents who experience hardship, homelessness, and housing insecurity.

In addition to the Housing Hub, Burlington County provides a list of Affordable Rental Housing.

Hudson County

Jersey City Affordable Housing Navigator

Jersey City's Affordable Housing Navigator is a city map that identifies affordable housing units that are completed and under construction. 

Morris County

Habitat for Humanity

Morris County Habitat for Humanity works with qualified applicants who are interested in being considered for a program that enables applicants to own affordable homes built in partnership with this organization. Interested applicants can find out more information about this opportunity by visiting their website.  

Local Affordable Housing Listings through NJHRC

For the most up-to-date information on available and affordable housing in your community, use the NJ Housing Resource Center, an online service that provides information on current listings in towns throughout the state. If you do not have regular access to a computer, or if you are having trouble navigating the NJHRC site, dial 2-1-1 and our resource specialists will help you find appropriate resources.

Search the NJ 211 Website

NJ 211’s database has many different housing resources. On our website, find local alternatives by selecting the housing terms that best describe your needRemember to geographically limit your search to find the most appropriate resources in your local area.

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