Newark Water Crisis

Water Distribution Sites and other Resources

On August 11, 2019 the city of Newark started distributing bottled water to eligible homeowners. Learn more.

Rides to distribution sites at reduced rate: Lyft is offering eligible residents reduced rate rides to water distribution site. (Creole version) (Spanish version)

Bottled water - why use it? (English version) (Spanish version)

Lead Service Line Replacement Program

Newark’s water is lead free when it leaves the city’s water treatment plants and travels through the water mains in the streets.  However, when it travels through the water service pipes that connect from the water main on the street to the water taps in homes, it comes in contact with lead materials in the water service line and the residential plumbing.  The City of Newark is implementing several city wide programs to reduce or eliminate lead concentrations at the customer’s tap.   Learn more about what is being done.

Learn more about lead poisoning.