NJ 211 Newsletter - Spring 2021

Thanks to the Codey Fund for Mental Health!


The Codey Fund for Mental Health sponsored a two week ad campaign that is running this month. Have you heard it yet?

Facebook Group Launching

Resource Group

Last year NJ 211 made over one million connections to help, using a database filled with thousands of community resources. Our database team works closely with organizations throughout the year to ensure that listings are completely accurate and no detail is missed. In an effort to expedite this process for organizations, NJ 211 has created a Facebook group specifically for agency professionals. “We spend a lot of time trying to get the attention of busy agency professionals when we are attempting to update and verify their records,” Dana Catapano, Lead Resource Database Specialist, explained. “We’re hoping the creation of this group will enable us to build a significant connection with providers that will improve the process.”

If all goes as planned, members of the group will connect with our database team, easily update their 211 listing and even attend live virtual information sessions to get their questions answered. Additionally, members will be able to share news of their own organization’s events with the group. “We’re all working to build a better NJ,” Dana said. “The database team and I are looking forward to fostering a strong sense of community with our partner agencies as we go.”

Join the group and find out more here.

COVID-19 Pages Updated Frequently

healthcare provider holding patient hands

Since March of 2020 our Contact Center has been responding to calls for help related to COVID-19. “In the beginning,” says Executive Director Melissa Acree, “calls were focused on learning how to protect oneself against the spread of infection, when and where to go to get tested, unemployment benefit challenges, childcare, education, and things like that. With every passing week, programs and resources have evolved to address these and other needs and we’ve been laser focused on keeping up.”  While live assistance is always available, many answers relating to questions about COVID-19, can be found in the section of our website devoted to all things COVID!

New Accessibility Enhances Site

Guided Searches
We’ve made some significant changes to our website that have improved its overall accessibility and also made searching for resources easier than it has ever been. You’ll find evidence of these improvements on the home page.

Click on the handicap symbol and you’ll see that this opens a toolkit of accessibility features. The features are designed to assist people who have visual or hearing limitations, mobility needs and even cognitive issues, navigate the site.

Our new Guided Search feature is also on the home page. We’ve identified eight of our most popular database searches and guided the user to broad subcategories with related drop-down lists. Our expectation is that you will find the programs and services you are after with ease. Try it out and let us know what you think.

Being able to easily share the information you find on our site with others, is an important feature that is now new and improved! Not only can you share resources and informational pages by email, and on social media platforms, but now you can do so through a simple text message. You'll find icons on every page of our site. Just click and share!  

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