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NJ Parent Link

Resources for Parents, Families and Professionals

NJ 2-1-1 is dedicated to helping you find the resources you need at any given time. If you are a parent or a professional helping families in need you will want to take a look at this website that was developed by the state to provide information on state services as well as direct links to those services.

NJ Parent Link Provides Comprehensive Information on Family and Childhood Development

Focusing on family and early childhood topics as it highlights state services and resources, the goal of NJ Parent Link is to improve the accessibility, coordination and delivery of information and services to parents of young children; to improve the communication capabilities between the public and private sectors; and provide the IT foundation for inter/intra agency service collaborations and policy development.

Every topic discussed on the site offers readers links to related state services and in so doing helps those looking for assistance find the services that exist. Topics discussed include such things as:

  • health and wellness for pregnant women and children
  • developmental and behavioral health for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and older children
  • parenting tips
  • family support services and benefits available in New Jersey

Visit NJ Parent Link to learn more.