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Understanding and Accessing Public Healthcare Programs

Accessing affordable healthcare is important to all residents in the state and seniors are no exception. A number of state and federal programs are in place to assist you. 

Medicare and Medicaid

To learn about these two federally funded health programs, please refer to our Healthcare Overview. There you will learn eligibility requirements, program details, and where to apply. 

NJ Save

NJSave is an online application to help low-income seniors and individuals with disabilities save money on Medicare premiums, prescription costs, and other living expenses. By completing this application, you will be applying for the three programs below. The NJSave application can be completed online or mailed in. For more information, call the Division of Aging Services at 1-800-792-9745. 

Program Income (Single) Income (Couple) Allowable
Assets (Single)
Assets (Couple)
Extra Help     $13,640      $27.250
Medicare Savings Program $16,038      $21,627     $7,280 $10,930     
Low Income 
$17,820 $24,030 $13,640     $27,250

Extra Help

Medicare beneficiaries may qualify for a federal program called Extra Help. This program provides assistance with their Medicare prescription drug plan costs. You may qualify if you are on Medicare; meet eligibility requirements and reside in one of the 50 states or the District of Columbia. Check here to find out if you are eligible.

To apply for Extra Help, complete the NJSave Application.

Medicare Savings Program

Social Security Administration logo If Medicare premiums are difficult to afford, you may be able to take advantage of the Medicare Savings Program (MSP). Designed for low-income Medicare recipients who fall within income eligibility guidelines, this program will cover the cost of Part B premiums. The savings from this program could amount to over $1,600 in one year.

Learn more about these Medicare Savings Programs. To apply for the MSP, complete the NJSave Application.

Low-Income Subsidy (LIS) Program

The Low-Income Subsidy (LIS) program offers further savings on Medicare Part D premiums and prescription drugs to those who satisfy income eligibility requirements noted below. If eligible, the state of New Jersey will pay your Part D premium, and enable you to maintain the lower prescription co-pay amounts throughout the year. This program averages annual savings of $3,900.

To apply for the LIS, complete the NJSave Application.

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs)

Medicare benefits have been expanded to include paymenFQHC logot for certain preventive health-care services provided in federally qualified health centers (FQHCs). In addition, FQHCs may waive the deductible normally required under Medicare Part B and may limit the out-of-pocket costs by applying the co-pay responsibility of the Medicare beneficiary to a sliding scale based upon the beneficiary's ability to pay. Under any circumstance, FQHCs do not charge consumers for any service that is paid for through the Medicare program. Find your local FQHC here.

Learn more about FQHC.

Medicare Rights Center

Medicare Rights Center logo Further help in understanding Medicare is available through Medicare Interactive (MI), a free, independent, public resource from the Medicare Rights Center. MI offers easy-to-understand information and advice on a full range of Medicare topics.

State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP)

SHIP is a statewide program that provides free help to New Jersey Medicare beneficiaries who have problems with, or questions about, their health insurance. It is sponsored by the state and federal dollars and designed to answer questions about benefits and claims, supplement policies, and long-term care insurance.

Volunteer counselors, trained in areas of health insurance coverage and benefits that affect Medicare beneficiaries, provide information and assistance for dealing with claims and in evaluating health insurance needs. Counseling is free of charge.

To speak with a SHIP volunteer counselor call 800-792-8820. To find a SHIP Counseling site in your area click here.

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